About Him

Andrew Mallett is a web designer and information technology teacher. His first computer was an Olivetti 486SX25 (that's 25MHz to you) with 4MB RAM, and a 120MB hard drive. He taught himself about computer hardware by upgrading to a Soundblaster 16 kit, consisting of a 16-bit sound card (ISA) and 2 x CD-ROM drive. Running DOS 6.22 and Windows For Workgroups 3.11, Andrew considered himself the owner of a pretty shit-hot system. And it was..in 1993. Inevitably things changed for the better.

In a sad quest for electronic immortality, Andrew has documented aspects of his life and interests in a number of web pages. These include life as a psychiatric nurse, teaching IT at TAFE, teaching Enrolled Nursing, lecturing in Nursing and simulation at university, considering a PhD, being a bit silly, being a bit gothic and documenting various adventures with Windows, Unix and computer networks.

Shell-scripts.com is an attempt to take a biggish subject (computing), examine a specific aspect (Unix/Linux) and focus on the esoteric, in the form of programming within this wonderfully quirky environment.